Two Things

Just a quick post to share a couple of things I've been meaning to share for a while. First up (pun intended) is this wonderful wall mount ironing board that folds up or down as needed. Jake made it for me to save space and to make my work area more baby safe. My old one sat on the floor and had a collapsing mechanism that made it a little dangerous for my curious little one.

I covered the top with a layer of heat resistant material and then a layer of this fun canvas paisley and staple gunned it to the back. The little pantaloos you see sitting on the ironing board are a pair of "quick change trousers" that I made from the book "Handmade Beginnings". I actually made them for Oona around Christmas time, but had forgotten to post about them in the holiday whirl. They are awesome because they are reversible and have an adjustable leg cuff which means they'll fit for a while as my little bean sprout grows.

The panel is on the butt because babies like to have stylin' butts, ya know?! I made this pair extra cozy by using flannel on both the inside and outside. That's two layers of flannel which is awesome for those awful cold winter days and nights. I have enough purple flannel left to make myself a pair of pjs with the same cuff (not reversible, sadly). Matching mama and baby pjs! Should I do it?


Jenna said…
Those pants are REALLY cute! Love the fabric and colors. Definitely make yourself a pair!!!!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks Jenna! I need to make her some more pairs too! They're too much fun.

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