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"Collections": Each week I intend to share with you a new collection from my home and tell you a little bit about it. Each entry is meant to be a meditation on the objects we live with, how we see them, why we hold them dear and whether or not we need them. If you'd like to participate on your blog, feel free! Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your entry so we can all see.

I missed last week, but I think this extensive collection will make up for it!

This weeks collection is perhaps one of my most ridiculous collections, gnomes! Yes, I have quite a few gnomes... they reproduce like lemmings! The one above is actually a dinner bell!

It all started one fine October, our first Halloween together in our first apartment, when Jake and I decided on these genius Halloween costumes! We had a big Halloween party, and even got my parents in on the fun with their own gnome hats (hence, why they are now called "Grandma and Grandpa Gnome"). The gnome costumes were one of the first things I had sewn since my high school "Fashion and Fabrics" class, and I had so much fun that Jake got me my first sewing machine that Christmas! ( A lot of firsts, I know!) From there, gnomes started to sneak into our lives in little ways.

I found this little thimble sized knitting gnome at a flea market in CT.

The blue gnome candle found it's way onto one of Jake's birthday cakes. The hanging gnome silhouette balsam pillow was a Christmas present, also for Jake. I even started searching Ebay for gnomes for a spell, particularly these Gorham/ Unieboek gnomes from the late 70's/early 80's based on the illustrations in the famous gnome book, entitled, of course, "Gnomes" and the "David the Gnome" series based on the book. I love the kissing gnomes music box above that plays the tune to "why do birds suddenly appear...". The handmade beeswax gnome candle was a gift from Jake's mom found at a farmer's market.

Yes, we have the complete David the gnome series on DVD thanks to my mom and dad. The vintage stuffed gnome lady was also from them... a gift for my birthday. The gnome finger puppet is part of our finger puppet collection that we'll have to get to at a later date.

The gnome feeding the rabbit a bottle is another music box that belongs to Miss Oona.

We have gnomes of fabric, gnomes that hang on walls, gnomes of cast iron, and gnomes of wood that burn incense out their pipe.

We even have nutcracker gnomes courtesy of my friend Jenna.

I printed these stuffed Gocco banjo uke playing/ pipe smoking gnomes for gifts and for the shop. They are stuffed with balsam. Jake keeps one in his guitar case.

Just today, Jake's mom mailed us this cool gnome hat for Oona. So as you can see it's been an all out invasion! I think Jake might even have a song or two about gnomes. I'm not seeking anymore, but I have a feeling a few might move in of their own accord. We do need to find an awesome vintage garden gnome at some point.

I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling or even what it means, but in the words of David the gnome, "Schlitzweitz!"


Jenna said…
You have a fabulous gnome collection!!! They all have so many amazing memories associated with them!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Someday Oona stands to inherit a gnome museum!
Anonymous said…
Where did you find the David the Gnome TV series in english? I can't find it anywhere.

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