The Art of Domestic Bliss

It's been a long weekend. My babe would have me turning cartwheels if she could. Instead, I'm turning "wagon wheels" with my crochet hook whenever she's not looking. I made a couple of new cotton dish clothes for the kitchen... mostly when she was napping. The house is in a state of utter decay. I can't seem to find time to sew, cook, clean, or sleep. The babe is engaging in heightened levels of daredevil activity, and I am on duty 24/7.

I have been trying to teach her to go down the stairs on her own, but my efforts have not paid off yet. She wants to go down like us, facing forward, but her legs are too short so she just ends up flinging herself into my arms. When I force her to go backwards or to slide down on her butt, she gets frustrated. I spent about two hours on the stairs with her Friday and another hour watching babies on You Tube go down stairs to show her how it's done. She really wants to do it herself, but doesn't seem to grasp the concept of plummeting to her death. Now every time we go up or down she wants to do it a zillion times. She is keeping her mama in shape.

My great explorer has also found her way onto the kitchen table all by her very self by climbing on the dining room chair. She enjoys dancing on the table as well.

I did show her how to use the sponge while she was at it, and that captivated her for about twenty seconds.

The art of domestic bliss for today: one part learning to crochet and one part giving up on everything!


heehee. Aaah, the table! Virginia hasn't figured that one out yet, and I'm dreading it. Although she did find her way onto the short coffee table, but we took it out of the living room so she wouldn't crack it in half!

I miss doing sewing projects, too. Any free time I have needs to be doing my drawing work. sigh. Someday we'll have bigger kids, and more time, and we'll miss babies.
Anonymous said…
That Oona! Try not to worry about the stair training. If anything you can let her on "our" little steps in the hallway. Slowly, but surely, she will master the stairs. hmmmm, keep working on the sponge thing, we can use the help. love you, mom
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Candice, make sure you keep the chairs tucked in! That's how Oona got her first opportunity! We took the coffee table out too. Yes, we will someday be those ladies claiming that these were the easy years and wishing for our children to be little again.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Mom, she is the one who is determined to do the stairs! I just want her to be able to do it safely. She'll get it soon enough.

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