Little White Paw Gets a New Look

I've been meaning to update my blog header for ages, but I had grandiose plans of what it should be. Finally, I just said," just do it!", and this was the end result. It's not quite the wonder I had envisioned, but I can live with it for a while. I've been wanting to play around with felt and fabric in my artwork and this was as good an excuse as any. So, consider this my experiment.

All the details (besides the patchwork) are hand sewn. I haven't hand sewn anything in ages so it was fun to take a swing at it... so labor intensive, but also rewarding to see each stitch come alive. I'd love to make a quilt someday with hand stitching. Note to self: remember to use adhesive interfacing behind fabric next time so it doesn't fray as much!

I wish I had used thicker thread for the writing too because it's a little hard to read, especially on the computer screen. I might go back and do it again or I might just except it as imperfect. I added a red ric-rac loop so that it could be hung as wall art. Currently it has found a place near Oona's changing table so that she has something to distract her while she's getting changed.

I'm looking forward to more felt and fabric art... maybe even with some paint mixed it in for good measure. More experiments are in order!


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