Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy day of love! Here is a picture of my two funny Valentines. I am so glad to have them both. They make life silly and cozy and deliciously lovely. We enjoyed a nice family lunch together in town today...french fries and brownie sundae and all. But even if we'd done nothing, it would have been a great Valentine's Day because I have two sweethearts to adore. Forget the store bought card or the dozen roses and make sure you tell those people who you love how special they are by spending time together today and everyday! (You don't have to forget the chocolates... any excuse for chocolates is fine by me...)


Jenna said…
Happy Valentine's Day Wildwoods!

Hope its wonderful for you all. Great picture!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Happy Valentine's Day! Oona looks like she's from the old country.
Anonymous said…
She's adorable in her long dress, bonnet, and her cool booties as well. We need bells for her though and soon. She's so fast! I got my Valentine heart from dad and he was pleased with his idea.( he designed it ) I love it. Thank Jake for his help. Did you see it? I know you got something special, too. anyway, we had a great weekend but I miss Oona so much. Give her plenty of kisses, please. Love, mom

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