Collections: House Plants

Last week I introduced a series on this blog called "Collections". Each week I intend to share with you a new collection from my home and tell you a little bit about it. Each entry is meant to be a meditation on the objects we live with, how we see them, why we hold them dear and whether or not we need them. If you'd like to participate on your blog, feel free! Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your entry so we can all see.

The collection I'm sharing with you this week is of great fondness to me. This weeks collection is of the living variety... my house plants! Watching them grow, it is hard to not think of them as old friends. The plants pictured above are in my studio/ living room. Jake recently built the shelves for them to keep them out of reach of an ever growing baby girl.

I've always had at least a few house plants, but when Jake and I moved up north, I knew I'd need more green to make it through the long winters. My mom donated the larger spider plant and large aloe plant you see above. Terrapin (our kitty) enjoys nuzzling through the long vines of the spider plant and he occasionally tries to sleep on top of it to my disliking.

The peace lily above was donated by a friend of Jake's mother who was leaving the country and needed a home for her plants. It's a little bedraggled. The branches sweeping up toward the ceiling are from it's neighbor, a rose scented geranium, which was a bridal shower gift from Jake's Aunt Vicki. It has a really wonderful lemony scent when you rub the leaves together. There's also a smaller spider plant in the photo above, a baby of the much larger spider plant I have in the kitchen.

I picked up some succulents at a local market a few years ago. They could use some tending too. I love how I can have such beautiful dessert plants decorating my windows in the north country. It transports you to another place without ever leaving your home.

This little sprout above is one of my tiniest plants in my collection. It was a keepsake from our friends Tara and Seth's wedding. Each pot was hand painted by the couple. Lastly, I must say a word about this dear cactus, which was one of our very first house plants. It was a house warming gift from our first apartment in Providence. It's near doubled in size. I hope it will have quite a long life, and perhaps someday we will need a very large pot for it on the floor.

Looking at all my indoor plants makes me day dream about our Spring garden, farmers markets and berry picking. We've laid a patch for a garden twice the size of last year! I'm hoping that means twice as many deliciously fresh things to eat and flowers to look at.

The ol' ground hog says we're in for six more weeks of winter! In VT, that means twelve more weeks! So I guess for now I'll keep my spirits up by watching my green friends grow in the windows, each year changing and morphing and perhaps growing wise. I'd love to someday have a house with a big sun porch so I can fill it to the brim with magical plants. We'll see.


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