Winter Market

Here are some scenes from the winter market in town this past weekend.  I had my little red Valentine gnome helping out... making sure to watch over all the balloons decorating the hall. 

My favorite sale of the day was to a little girl who picked out a pair of my new purple flower earrings. I loved how she carefully looked at everything on the table and dragged her mama back having found her magic item. She walked by later wearing them and gave me a big thumbs up. Kids are always the most appreciative customers. I think she may have even got one of her friends to come and buy a pair too. I love how they're not afraid to really look at things, while adults tend to glaze over things for fear of seeming too interested and thus obligated to buy. I don't think I've ever lost that kid instinct to examine things closely when I'm out and about. There's nothing like sticking your hand in the honey jar.

It was a good time, if not a little crazy having the toddler in tow and occasionally off on her own adventures. Jake and the Saturday morning jam band that plays at the store were also there keeping us entertained. 

I won't tell you about what happened when she finally got one of these red beauties free...


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