Here's some scenes from the weekend with Baba and Papa. The beautiful minty green crochet hat was made by Baba. It's the perfect color to bring out those mischievous blue eyes. I love my little flapper girl!

 Baba and Papa also indulged Oona with not one, but two Valentine balloons! She used the little one to bop Papa on the head (sometimes giving Baba a few bops for good measure).

There was a lot of work done this weekend in the store... but also a dance party, which involved clogs and live music.

Here's the tired cloggers resting up on the stairs.

We've had some stressful toddler sleep issues lately, stressful money issues, stressful time issues, but all and all, when you have time to clog dance, life really can't be that bad.


Anonymous said…
Oona helps us keep our priorities in order. I recall having cardboard for supper...ok, so we always managed to eat...but we were dirt poor and always had something to lose, a sure sign that we had a blessing to count. Things will get better. We'll find a way to earn more and spend less. Taking care of each other and magic clogs...that's what it's all about.

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