Kitties and Springtime

 We've been nestled in our home with lots of silky white stuff blanketing the Earth these last couple days. It seems to have stopped for the time being, so perhaps we'll let a bit of Springtime in. The crafting workshop has been full of thoughts of flowers in bloom and a gentle warm breeze.

I've been making lots of these colorful hemp flowers of late.

I also recently finished this sweet Mama Kitty and her babes for one of our toddler friends who just turned two and also just became a big sister like Oona will be soon.

I was seeing lots of these Mama kitties around the internet right after Christmas... such as here and here. The pattern originated here, but I decided to make my own pattern so I could customize it more to my liking.

I will definitely have to make another set for Oona before the baby comes, and possibly a third set for another toddler friend whose birthday is in March and also just became a big sister.

Oh, and here's the finished flowers made into earrings for the winter market I'm doing today. Now I'm off to hopefully get one more project finished before the craft show starts this afternoon.


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