Snow Family

 I'm embarrassed to say this is probably one of the few times this winter Miss Oona and I have trudged out in the snow together. It's either been too cold, or too much snow, or I've just been too pregnant and lazy. But it was great fun, and if we have more weather like today in March, I know we'll be out more.

 It was the perfect weather for building a snow family... mama, dada and baby, of course. We gave them crowns of holly, corn stalk straw noses, holly eyes, and bramble lips. Oh, and of course, stick arms! Mama did most of the building while Oona directed and inspired.

She had to make sure to give Baby kisses.

Lots of fun... maybe we'll get out again tomorrow if all the snow hasn't melted!

P.S. I've got lots of crafts to blog about soon... there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to make things and blog about them and do everything else that needs doing around here. Anyways, I'll try to post some handmade goodness soon.


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