May Flower

Good morning! The light is pouring through the curtains this morning, blinding us with sunshine. I wish for all the light, we could have a little more warmth, but I suppose we'll just have to be patient (as with waiting for this little may flower in my belly to bloom). I made her my first pair of crocheted booties using this pattern. (Warning: there were a few errors in the pattern, and the strap directions were written strangely, but they are still easy enough to figure out.) I used a wonderful cotton rainbow yarn that my mom gave me for Christmas.

Ravelry has got me crocheting like crazy this winter... I have to remind myself to only do it when I have down time... watching a movie or something lazy. I have way too many baby projects on my list, and I keep pushing everything else aside to do so. I have a craft fair this weekend so I should really be thinking about making a few new things for that, but making tiny little whatnots is so much more fun. Sigh.

I think I've started nesting early this time around. Maybe it's knowing that this baby is going to be born at home has made me do some premature Spring cleaning. Goodbye cobwebs! Goodbye dust bunnies! I really need to tackle the bedroom closet soon and let go of some clothes that I'm likely to never wear again. I also have to go through Oona's baby clothes and see what's worth keeping and what should be passed along, and see if there's anything this new little baby could possibly need.

Oona said the other day, "Baby sister, come out now!" Patience, patience little one. There's still lots more to make, lots more to ready around the house. I have been having quite a few practice contractions this time around ( which is more common second time around), and it's still far too early for this baby to come, so stay put for now baby bird.

Another friend gave birth a few days ago, and I'm excited to meet her little one. So many babies this year! As I said before, there will be no end to the baby projects this year and no end to the snuggling. That sounds just fine to me.


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