Sweet November

 ("Nesting Doll" rock art from 2012 rock art calendar by Bonnie Wildwood)

Hello November with your chill days and long nights! You are dear to me as you are my birth month and also the birth month of my little girl (and my dad and father-in-law too!).  I am looking forward to:

- time spent by the fire
- the elections finally being over
- my 30th birthday, which happens to fall on election day this year
- a trip to Burlington to celebrate the occasion, with Indian food and fabric shopping a must
- lots of sewing for Christmas and birthday projects
- lots of crocheting curled up on the couch at night
- Thanksgiving in VT at our house this year!
- Oona's 2nd birthday (the 24th)
- day dreaming about Christmas

Hope your November leaves you much to be thankful for!


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