Giving Thanks

I know it's a week later, but I did want to say a few words about Thanksgiving, and give thanks to my family for coming up, bringing lots of food, helping stack wood pellets in the barn, playing with my rambunctious little girl, and helping to make it an all around jolly holiday.

My first official Thanksgiving at our place, and there was near ten people... a big enough crowd that we set up a large harvest table in the store to have enough space. No, we don't all play instruments... Jake just thought it would be funny to make us all pose with some of the instruments in the store.

We also bought our earliest Christmas tree ever, the day after Thanksgiving. We were shooting for a smaller table top tree so Oona wouldn't be able to get her hands on the ornaments, but with some group persuasion we ended up with one near seven foot tall. It looks beautiful, but Oona does in fact pull the ornaments off it all day long. My girl is tall too, so even the ones I thought well out of reach, she seems to get her hands on. Still, it smells wonderful and is a treat to look at everyday.

While we were making the house Christmasy, Jake and my Dad put up the Christmas lights on the building and around the store. Oh Christmas lights, as wasteful as you may be, you are so magical. We have a mix of LED and regular lights... need to keep updating so they are eventually all LED. I feel in better spirits since getting all the holiday decorations up... something about it makes me feel like a kid, and also want to get crafting things. I do want to keep this Christmas simpler, but the daydreamer in me can get a little silly with holiday cheer.

 Oh, also, a few things I'm grateful for this year:
- My beautiful two year old girl and the little one on it's way and their hardworking and lovely daddy - Family and friends who spoil us and protect us in so many ways
- This wonderful little village we live in
 - The mountains, the rivers, and the mountain air

 Lots of crafts to show soon! Talk to you soon!


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