Big News for Big Sister

We've got some little big news around here. That's right...the Wildwood family is expanding! Look at cool big sister above ready to take on the job! We are all thrilled, but I am especially pleased with Miss Oona's excitement. She kisses my belly everyday, and says "baby growing". And sometimes she even tries to share her food. At almost two, I know she probably doesn't fully understand that there's going to be a new baby in the house, but I think she'll adapt very well to big sisterhood. Baby is due in May. There's lots to do, but I can't wait to meet this new little wild one.


Jenna said…
That picture is a riot! So happy for you guys!
Congratulations!! I can't remember if I've mentioned (i hardly ever use my blog any more :( ) that we're expanding too! A little boy coming in March! Virginia kisses my belly too and tells me what he is doing (eating! sleeping!). Lol, it's too cute. Glad you're on a similar journey :)

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