30 Goals for 30

I meant to do this last week when I actually turned 30, but such is life, and I can do now what I didn't do yesterday!

30 Goals for 30:
 1) Make more art
2) Work on illustrating children's stories with Jake
3) Eat less sugar and carbs and more veggies
 4) Start a crafty group at the store
5) Get Oona on some sort of schedule (we lack rhythm these days)
6) Blog everyday but do far less internet browsing
7) Clear out unwanted junk (need some simplifying)
 8) Write more letters to friends (hard to find time for this, but love doing it)
9) Practice uke and guitar
10) Learn to use serger
 11) Crochet granny afghan
12) Sew full size quilt for Oona's big girl bed
13) Get Oona to sleep in big girl bed
14) Walk everyday
15) Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day
16) Sew more clothes for myself and the babes
17) Plant large garden in Spring and pumpkin patch
18) Do yoga
19) Learn to knit
20) Make more of my own home and beauty products
21) Find more craft shows to participate in
22) Play more learning games with Oona
23) Take one project at a time
24) Buy less
25) Eat out less
26) Start saving towards house
27) Keep working to make home flow better
28) Make baby presents for all the new babies coming (there are lots!)
29) Spend more quality time with Jake
30) Craft! Craft! Craft!


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