Holiday Woes

Hello friends! One of my goals to post everyday failed from the get-go because our computer crashed. Oh well. We can still use our computer at the moment, but we are waiting for the new hard drive so I can't upload any pictures yet. We've had a couple of big financial set backs lately... first needing to replace our one car because the repairs were too expensive to our old one, and then like a wrecking ball the computer died. I hope there's not anymore of this (knock on wood).

That said, I'm trying to think of ways to keep Christmas simple this year. It's hard for me to set limits during the holiday season. And being a maker, I get grandiose ideas of all the things I can make for people. But there's never enough time! What do you do to keep Christmas less stressful? I'm especially interested to hear your answers if you're on a very limited budget. I'm thinking of seeing if any of my mama friends are interested in a babysitting exchange. I'll watch their babe for an afternoon and vice versa so we can both get a little extra done before the holidays. Time is one of my biggest obstacles right now because Miss Oona is at a stage that if I try to work on something, she immediately wants to take over what I'm working on, or get me to do something else. Speak of the devil, she's asking for some help with a toy and now a zipper....


Karen said…
hey, bonnie.

i wanted to pop my head in with a few thoughts about christmas. for some reason, it always seems to fall, financially, at a terrible time of year. i have learned, over the past couple, to focus less on gifts (including the handmade sort) and much more on giving, sharing, togetherness, "magic," baking ... you get the point. i really buy now just for my parents and now for john. i don't even send christmas cards anymore. my friends all get letters and random packages throughout the year, when i love them just as much as i do at christmas time. i was driven to this largely by tight finances, but also by becoming wholly disgusted with the consumer culture at large, which seems to introduce christmas to us (materialistic christmas) every year, as early as september. that was not okay with me. so i'm learning to enjoy things like the crisp cold air, people's lights, baking yummy things (and enjoying those of others!), giving a decent amount to just one good cause, drinking holiday-flavored coffees while window shopping. reading good books, cozying up knitting (just for the practice, really), and watching christmas movies. being with the people i love, really being with them, and not obsessing over lists. and trust me, the guilt disappears eventually ... anyway, just a few thoughts, and i hope they help!

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