Happy Birthday to Me!

I had the most beautiful 30th birthday yesterday, thanks to my lovely husband and daughter, and all my lovely family and friends too.

After a nice morning being showered with phone calls and mail from loved ones, we spent the day in the big city. First, and most importantly on the list of things to do was to get Indian food. I wish we had snapped some shots of the delicious food, but we were too busy devouring it. I was in heaven. The owner gave Oona a her first mango lassi on the house, and she couldn't get enough of it. She has an interesting method of using a straw, which sometimes resulted in flinging lassi at Mama's head.

We visited bustling Church St where we visited shops.

And like a five year old I shouted in glee, "They're hanging up Christmas!"

We always make sure to see the latest exhibit at Burlington City Arts Council. Oona was very keen on running around in circles in this video exhibit. Maybe it was the sugar rush from the mango lassi.

We also got to visit my favorite fabric shop, Nido, and I added a few new prints to my stash. Oona loves going there for the toy box full of trains and trucks.

Jake took many of these photos, with our new camera, which he traded for an instrument, and just came in the mail the day before my birthday. It's super nice, especially compared to our old one.

As if the day wasn't perfect enough with Indian food and fabric, they had both pumpkin cheesecake and raspberry chocolate torte at the cafe we visited. Yes, some of each please!

We ended our day in the city enjoying the waterfront. We actually made it there just as the sun was going down.
At home, we had a quiet night relaxing. I love this giant dala horse my mom found for me.

Jake got me a pretty wonderful selection of illustrated children's books, and a new sewing book too. I know, I'm spoiled. It was really one of the best birthdays I've had in a long time. Such a fun day! I need to write down some goals for thirty. I'll have to pop back in again soon when I think of some.


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