Oona Turns Two!

 My little girl turned two over the weekend! It was a big day with her Baba and Papa, Uncle Trav, Aunty Livi, Uncle Matt, Moogi, and Annie and Gio the dogs. She had a chocolate cake, as requested. I went through a long list of healthier cake options that she quickly said "no" to. The girl knows what's good, sigh.
Her Baba and Papa got her a wonderful vintage stove and sink set, repainted in red and green by Papa and Uncle Trav. It was a big hit with my little cook. It's right in the kitchen where she can cook along side us. She also got a starter train set and some wonderful little kitty dolls along with other things. I think she had a pretty wonderful day surrounded by many of her favorite people. She even got a "happy birthday" serenade by the Saturday morning music group in the store.

It's so hard for this mama to believe this girl has grown and changed so much in two years. Wasn't it yesterday that she was learning to walk? Wasn't it only yesterday that she was a wiggly thing bundled in my arms? Wasn't it only yesterday that she was kicking me from inside of my belly? Time can really speed up on you when you have a child. I fear I'll wake up soon and she'll be twenty!

I'm so amazed at all she can do at two. On her birthday she drew a circle for the first time, and said the phrase "butter on toast". For the whole month leading up to her big day she kept talking about "birthday cake".  The new words are coming out this girl rapid fire! I'm so proud at how well she can understand things even when she can't say them. She is so loving and kind with her little friends and the little baby in mama's tummy. She dances, jumps, skips, runs, and plays tricks on her parents. I know she will only keep amazing me everyday! I love this little gnome!


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