Hot Chocolate and Strudel

We've been busy bees repainting our kitchen cabinets this past week. Yikes, talk about a commitment. They're still not finished! Our cabinet set is massive... about 23 doors top and bottom and heaps of shelves. They were white when we moved in, and as a result, always looked dingy. They drove me crazy for the last four or five years or however long we lived here. Also, because the hardware had been painted over and they had been painted so many times, they never shut properly. Hopefully that will be remedied with some new magnets we picked up.... why we didn't think of magnets sooner, I have no idea. We had to take off all the doors and strip down the hardware... Jake pulled an all nighter doing that part... way more work than just painting the walls. I'm currently working on painting the interior, which is happening in stages because all the contents need to be removed. The colors we picked are "hot chocolate" and "strudel". Yum! They are perpetually making me hungry, but at least they won't show dirt so glaringly as they did in white. The walls are still blue, and our dining room is cream, green and a pinkish red. It looks very"Black Forest" to me, like a kitchen that should be inside a cuckoo clock. I'll post a photo when they're finished. Golly, I do wish they were finished!


Anonymous said…
nice to see them filled up! Sure looks pretty with those red polka dotted cups.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
those red polka dot cups would look even nicer with some hot chocolate inside them
Jenna said…
Cant wait to see the finished product!

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