Queen of the Berries

One of the lovely things about living in VT is that there are lots of places to hunt wild berries. This comes in handy when you have a little girl who can devour pounds of them by the second. So, in order to keep this little one fed, we've been dragging all our visitors on berry hunting missions.

Our little helper ate all of the berries Mama picked. It was a good thing I was not the only one picking berries! Okay, I lied, Mama ate one or two too.

Master pie maker, Jake, turned these blackberries into a tribute pie for our dear Terrapin who is still MIA.

Yes, Jake is wearing my apron, a master pie maker doesn't ask questions, he just puts on the apron his wife hands him.

It's hard to see in the picture, but there is a kitty in the center surrounded by two moons and a heart. My heart is still very broken over Terrapin. Sometimes I forget, and I think of him as just out on a walk, and then it hits me that he may never be back, and the tears won't stop.

Here are some funny names we like to call Terrapin, so I don't end this on a totally sad note:
- the Pin
- Pindaloo
- Little White Paw (of course!)
- Mr. Pin
- Pooka
- Stinkerpin (that's when he's being a brat)

*his name means "land turtle", if you didn't already know that


Jenna said…
The pie looks amazing. So sorry to hear about Terrapin still missing. He was definitely an amazing wizard cat.

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