Welcome to our Chocolate Shop

Hello! I finished painting the kitchen cabinets last week, but just now got around to shooting some photos.

I love our chocolate beam. It's a vintage beam we picked up because previous owners had knocked out the beam for some mysterious reason. It wasn't vital for support, but looked very odd with the whole it left in the counter top.

The cupboards just make me want to eat chocolate brownies with a cup of coffee... all the time.

I'm so glad this project is done! It was so time intensive, but it makes it so much more pleasant to be in the kitchen. The next house project will have to be the hallways...

Things I'm hoping to Cook up Soon:
-fried green tomatoes (Oona keeps stealing green tomatoes from the garden so I've got to do something with them!)
- veggie pot pie (I haven't tried making one yet and I think I'm just going to wing it... I'll let you know how it turns out.)
- pesto pasta (It's time to use up the rest of the basil in the garden.)
- summer squash soup (I haven't tried this yet, either, but I have tons of squash to use up.)

I'd love to hear what you're cooking too!


Jenna said…
The kitchen looks so wonderful! I made strawberry almond and white chocolate muffins recently. They were amazing, the longer they sat the more the strawberry flavor absorbed in. Delicious. I'll send you the recipe. PS cant wait for fall- just saw stonewall kitchen had their maple apple sauce out- soo good!!!

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