Something Crafty

With all the house projects and summer fun I've been posting about, it might seem like I'm not crafting anything these days. Well, it's true, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for making things, but I always try to keep at least one or two projects going on in the background. I recently decided to start a granny sampler using the lovely cotton yarn you see in the basket below.

It's my first attempt at an afghan, and I'm learning most of the squares as I go. I'm using the book "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton for my squares so they'll all be the same size, which will make it easier to assemble. I'll probably only do five different style squares, but I'm hoping it will help me get better at crochet and better at reading crochet instructions. If I do a little each day, maybe I'll have a blanket come the winter.

Lately I've been taking on more long term projects that I use to shy away from because of the time commitment. But, having a wild little girl running around makes everything take a lot longer, so I may as well just do something that's suppose to take a long time, and then I won't feel guilty when it takes me forever to finish it. I'm also just starting on a twin size quilt for Miss Oona's big girl bed. I'd like to have it done for her 2nd birthday, but realistically it might not get done until her 3rd birthday! (No rush, she doesn't actually sleep in the big girl bed.)

I've also got a dozen holiday and birthday projects spinning around in my head. I usually start out with a very long and untidy list of things to make, that has to get slimmed down considerably to fit time and sanity constraints. It's still hot and sweaty out, but I know Fall is just around the corner, and there's much to do.


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