The Serious Artist

My darlin' girl is really blossoming as an artist. There was a time when she didn't seem all that interested in coloring, but now she'll do it anytime and anywhere! Look at my beautiful window sill! I love the color palette. I'm not sure I can bare to wash it off.

I promised myself I wouldn't post any pics of Oona on the potty, but this one just illustrated my point too well (pun intended). And do you see the purposefulness in those scribbles? Magnificent! And look at that expression! "How dare you interrupt me, Mama, while I'm at work?" I guess the ball in her lap helps her think. Hmm. I will not be crushed if she decides to choose a different path than her Mama, but I'm enthused to see that she is at least appreciating drawing in the now.


Jenna said…
omg. in love with that picture. Shes just too cute and that picture is a riot.
Love this! We have similar masterpieces popping up at our house, too. Apparently she wanted to see what would happen if she played her toy piano with a crayon. Each key is now blue. :)
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Isn't it funny how sneaky they can be, Candice? I often catch Oona with a crayon squirreled away in her fist for later use.

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