Easter Parade: Scenes from Easter Weekend

Easter morning this year was like Christmas with a very overfull Easter basket from the Easter Bunny and even more goodies from Grandma and Grandpa Gnome! The little one was so excited to be staying at her grandparents she hardly noticed anything, though there was a look of awe on her face when she first saw the kitchen table!
We have a funny little Easter tradition in our family of going to the local flea market Easter morning. Oona led Grandma and Grandpa Gnome around while this wolf in sheep's clothing got a ride in her carriage. (He was my great flea market find for the day.)

We couldn't pass up a quick ride on the swings before heading home for more serious business...

dying Easter eggs. As mentioned in a recent post, I had made some natural dyes in yellow, pink, and purple... but, we couldn't resist using some food coloring for the blue and green. Unfortunately, the natural dyes weren't taken to the eggs very well, so we did end up mixing in some food coloring. I'll have to do more research and find out where I went wrong.

It was a little chilly, but nice enough to go sit on the porch with a banjo.

Oona was the grand champion of the Easter hunt (also the only participant).

We had it in a stone circle in my parent's field. Oona caught on quickly, and was tossing, sometimes rather hardly, both the real and plastic Easter eggs into the basket like a pro.

There were many wagon rides that weekend. And we had a trip to see the animals at the university farm.

(Above: sheep in sheep's clothing)

Hope everyone had lovely holiday weekend for those who celebrate Easter or Passover and a lovely weekend in general even if you don't! It was nice to see family and friends and share the traditions with the little one.


Jenna said…
Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love the easter egg hunt!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
It was great! Great to see you guys too!

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