Summer Outfit

So, I did it.. I made her a tank to go with those magical bloomers. She doesn't look all that excited about it in the picture above, but believe me, she was would have been turning cart wheels if she could. She was busting out dance moves like you wouldn't believe. I just put it on her to see if it fit because it was actually a pretty dreary dismal day. But when I tried to change her back into her long sleeve clothes she firmly protested.

I started it yesterday... I got in my required hour for the KCWC challenge, but I had too many errands to run so I finished it today. Both the top and bloomers are made from McCall's pattern 5947. Here's some process photos.

And here's my wild child kicking up her legs in her matching get up.


I love the style of that outfit. So cute. And the model is ADORABLE!! Stop by and link this up to Make It Wear It, a weekly blog link up for all things made to be worn, at
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks! I stopped by and shared my link. Thanks for the info!
Anonymous said…
cart wheels? you are too funny, Bonnie! I'm sure your little model was quite pleased. Wish I saw her performance on video/tv.~ mom
Seems that your cute little gurl had fun wearing her outfit. Great job!

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