Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Be good to your mama! Look at what a beautiful place we all have to live and raise our children, and honor it by working to make it better. I do believe little acts made by many can make a difference. Thinking of my little one on this day and how I want to continue to strive to make this Earth better for her and for all that come after in my own small way. We all can. I internalized this mantra when I was younger, "Be responsible for what you create and destroy." We will each inevitably do both, for good and for ill, but if we think consciously about what we are doing, we can reduce the harmful impact we have on everything.


Anonymous said…
we raised wise a wise daughter. So many toss without giving a hoot about their own special pile of "garbage" that they contribute to the cosmic dump....out of sight, out of mind. Keep recycling! We really can make a difference.
Anonymous said…
a wise a wise....I sound like a bird.

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