Pink Cherry Saturn Harlequin Pants

For days 6 and 7 of KCWC, I worked on the ever popular "quick change trousers" from Anna Maria Horner's "Handmade Beginnings" craft book. They're reversible which means two pants in one! I made Oona a flannel pair back in December, and wanted her to have some lighter weight ones for the Spring. You can only get away with wearing two different color legs for so long, so I went for it!

And why not planets and cherries while we're at it!

The kiddo was happy! The pants were happy! The mama was happy!

I had fun doing this challenge, but I'm a little glad it's over because there's always the unseen pressure of a challenge... even one with no consequences! Unfortunately, making kids clothes just makes me think about making more kids clothes... so I might have to get a few more projects out of my system before I get back to work.


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