Tie Dress

I made this sundress for Oona yesterday for day five of the "Kids Clothes Week Challenge". Thursday was sort of a bust... I did some pattern making, some of which was entirely unfruitful. It's actually been a difficult week to participate in this challenge because the whole family has been so sick. We are hopefully on the road to recovery, except for little Oona who has been fighting off the sickness so well, but now is starting to get it more intense with the awful cough and drippy nose. We've been pretty much housebound besides visiting the doctor. It's been darn cold outside, so playing outside hasn't been much of an option with these colds.

About the dress: super soft navy blue knit top, Japanese cotton fabric called "Paris Apartment" by Bari J. le jardin for the skirt and ties

I made the pattern. There are two button holes in the front that the straps go through and tie into knots so that it's adjustable. I also gathered and fanned the straps so they have more dimension and so that when you tie the knot there would be little fans on the bodice.

Cute thing: Oona is now willing to stand in one place to get her photo taken if I ask... for about 2 seconds... and only if I let her look at the camera to see the photo.

If only it would get warm out so she could actually wear these summer outfits I've been making her.


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