We just got back from a long weekend visiting family and friends for the Easter holiday. I'll post some photos when I locate the camera cord. It was, of course, a lot of fun, but we are so tired... Oona even fell asleep at a decent baby bed time (fingers crossed... she could still wake up and decide to have a party!). Now that we're back home, thoughts about real life are creeping in... taxes to finish asap, bills that need to get paid, extensional questions about what we're doing, where we're going, and how we're ever going to save a bit of something to have the gas to get "there". Solar powered thoughts might help. Like many out there, we are just trying to stay a float in a tough economy... but also trying to swim a little closer to our dreams. It's hard not to take it a little personally when the things you put your sweat and tears into are not only not working out, but not recognized or appreciated. I don't know where I'm going with this. Baby sleeping... mama brain starts to spin in strange directions... no longer making sure daredevil doesn't jump off rocking horse, couch, chair, etc.

- for a home of our own
- to improve the one we're in at the moment, since the first thought will take sometime
- to get rid of this sore throat/cold
- less stuff... need to say good bye to some things
- Jake to get home from his practice
- less money stress in life
- a cup of peppermint tea


Jenna said…
So wonderful to see you guys even for a short visit! I emailed all the pics of the baby to you!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Great to see you too! Thanks for all the photos! Wish there were more hours in the day!
Karen said…
i so know the thoughts you are having right now. john and i are going through a tough time financially and with him having been out of work for so long. it's really a difficult time to be young. i wanted to tell you that i'm so inspired by how creative you've been since the new year, all the projects and energy you've had both with raising a daughter and living your art! as john says, "what's right isn't always easy." he was talking about relationships after a tiny rough patch we've been through, but i think it applies to other things, such as doing what you love for a living instead of the standard "making a living" until ... what? you die?. ... i'm a teacher and i'll never make money doing it, but if i can open some form of my own school in a pretty, safe, happy place and be home to raise my children, then i'll feel i've had a successful life. still, the worries (over school debt, etc.) creep in from time to time. just know you're not alone and we can always lean on each other (humans i mean, friends, and family) for help and really just pure support goes a long way. hope that helps. love to you three. can't wait to see you again ... sometime soon! that girl of yours is getting so darned big already!
Karen said…
also, i live for peppermint tea. i just bought two boxes from trader joe's today! i should send you some sometime!

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