Sister Visit and Museum

My sister Livi came to visit for a few days to see her little niece who was quite happy to have an extra playmate. We had to do some errands, but we squeezed in a trip to the VT Folk Life Center while she was visiting.

They had an amazing exhibit of artwork made by Mexican farm workers in Vermont accompanied by writings on their experiences.

It was incredible to hear their stories, the great lengths, dangers and sacrifices they made to come to this country. It's sad to think how far some of them have to be from their families to give their families a better life. I know it would break my heart to have to live away from Oona and Jake for even a week, let alone months or years.

This map was superbly crafted on coffee sacks and bordered with work gloves.

It was sad, but also inspiring. I don't think people realize how much of our nations food is grown by these underpaid workers who do the work many Americans are no longer willing to do.

On a less depressing note, it was great to see my sister and I can't wait to see the whole family come Easter time.


Anonymous said…
I think Oona has grown again! And her conversation has gotten bigger as well....she told me you went grocery shopping, I'm sure, on the phone today. This poor gram lives too far so give her a hug and kiss for me, please.

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