Collections: Tiny Boxes

"Collections": Each week I intend to share with you a new collection from my home and tell you a little bit about it. Each entry is meant to be a meditation on the objects we live with, how we see them, why we hold them dear and whether or not we need them. If you'd like to participate on your blog, feel free! Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your entry so we can all see.

Since I was a little girl, I can always remember having little trinket boxes on my dresser to keep my jewelry and hair accessories and whatnot. I'm sure there are many out there with similar collections. It would probably be much more logical to keep it all in one larger jewelry box, but for some reason these tiny boxes feel so much more magical. Most of them are also gifts, so they give me a moment to pause and think about the giver.

Our bedroom is on the backside of the house and a bit dark for photography so unfortunately there were more than a few boxes whose close up pictures came out too blurry to post. But some of them can be seen in the photo above... a sweet little red wooden bird box from my mom, a blue needle work heart made by my Grandma Atwood that keeps my hair elastics, a pink glass bunny for earring... to name a few. There's also a few others that can't be seen that complete the collection. So many boxes! And these are only the ones on my dresser!

My sweetheart gifted me a few of these beautiful vintage Russian boxes. The first one reminds me of November, the month I was born. The one with the orange flowers he found for me in Providence. I'm drawn to the beautiful contrast of the orange and yellow on black.

I love this very tiniest of tiny boxes with the Phoenix rising.

This enamel flower box is also quite tiny and so lovely to peek inside.

The ebony flower and wicker box was a gift from Oona's Zaide for Christmas one year. The golden bird box below it was from Jake. It is one of the most magical of all the boxes because the birds come alive at night and soar around the bedroom while we dream weaving our dreams together.

My woodpecker tin was also a gift from Jake for my twenty-fifth birthday from a favorite curiosities shop in Providence. It is filled with twenty-five buffalo nickels that he collected for me at his old job at a coffee shop (he paid for them, of course!).

In the last photo you can see my butterfly tin which I have had since I was a kid and my kitty music box from my mom. Also, underneath are a few larger wooden jewelry boxes from my mom. So now you've seen my treasure chests. What's inside them is another story!


Jenna said…
LOVE all the Russian boxes.

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