Necessity is the Mother of Something

My old belt took one too many accidental rides through the washing machine and started to fray and unravel. I've had it for years (it came with a pair of pants), and it was the only belt I used because it worked so well. It's difficult to find good functional belts that aren't leather so I decided to salvage the components of my old belt and make a new one.

It's adjustable, which is the best kind of belt for daily wear. And, it's patchwork which is much more my style than the old utilitarian army green belt I had before.

I backed it with a deep sea blue canvas for strength.

I only wish I could find a source for good belt buckles and adjusters, and I would make some more. I'm on day two of wearing it, and it's still doing it's job.


It's so cute! I love that style of belt buckle, too. No annoying tail ends of floppy belt that keep slipping out of belt loops.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks! Yeah I hate belts that slip out on you. So frustrating!

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