Crochet Spring Wreath

It's not quite Spring, officially anyways, but I wanted to share with you this Spring wreath I just finished. It's made up of crochet flowers and leaves. The wreath is based on this Ravelry pattern which you can find a tutorial for here. The wreath in the pattern is on the small side, so I doubled the size by doubling the number of initial chain stitches. I used the original pattern to make the base, but chose my own flower designs. For the large flowers, I used a motif #40 from "Beyond the Square: Crochet Motifs". For the small flowers and the leaves, I improvised my own simple pattern.

Warning: this project was time consuming! I spent an entire week on this baby... not the most productive use of my time, and had I known, I might never have started, but that said, I'm glad I made it! It will be our Spring Equinox/ Easter/ May Day wreath for years to come. I guess if you stick to the pattern and make the actual size wreath, it probably won't take so long. There are lots of free flower motif patterns on Ravelry if you are looking to customize.

Oh, and if you've never heard of Ravelry, it's a website for crochet and knitting. It's free to sign up and you can find lots of free patterns as well as some very nice patterns for sale, and share your projects. I am banning myself from looking for anymore crochet patterns for the time being so I can concentrate on everything else I've neglecting.


Jenna said…
What a cute wreath!!!!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks! Now i feel like I need something for each season!

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