Scenes from Easter Weekend

Here are some more photo highlights from Easter weekend, as promised.

Oona really got into dying eggs for the first time... she had a preference for blue eggs to be sure, which occasionally resulted in a yellow egg turning green. She held onto that blue egg in her hand above for the entire time we dyed eggs. There were also quite a few smashed eggs this time around, but I won't say who was responsible.

 I tried to make some natural dyes. The turmeric worked fine, but the rest didn't work well this time. I think I added too much water... so we gave into to food coloring. Unfortunately I only had three colors on hand, so we only had green, yellow and blue eggs this year. 

 Oona had a ball with Baba and Papa and Aunty Liv and Uncle Matt. I know she already misses everyone. Luckily we will see them all again soon when we go to CT.  We ate lots of bad treats... homemade doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, homemade pb butter cup bark. We also had a grand celebration at the store with an open mic for "The Wildwood Flower's" five year anniversary on Saturday evening.

Mama was more excited about getting up for Easter morning than Oona. The little devil slept in late.  The Easter Bunny had too much fun this year.  I baked another braided bread wreath in the morning and we had a grand breakfast of scrambled eggs, homefries and toast. When she finally stopped snoozing, she was mesmerized by what she found in her Easter basket. She could only really focus on one item at a time, completely unaware of anything else while she played with one thing. When she finally noticed her little chocolate bunny, she tore it open and devoured it,  saving the cute little head for last.


 She finally got to wear her Mama-made Easter jammies and bunny ears.

Despite a little snow on the ground, we had  an Easter egg hunt at one of our favorite spots, the Frost cabin in the woods. This year, Oona was the only little bunny hunting. She did a great job finding every last egg... oops, except for that one that got left behind. 

It will be great fun next year to have two little ones to spoil and a little nephew too!  Thank you family for coming to visit and making it a special weekend for all!


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