Mama Mia!

Our babies coming any day now! My KCW plans kind of fell apart on the weekend. I did a little pattern making on Saturday, but on Sunday I was surprised with a blessing way gathering of local mama friends, so all previous plans went out the window. I do have some kids clothing projects I want to finish, so perhaps I will be able to squeeze them in this week. 

The blessing way was a lot of fun and low key (just the way I like things). There was some yummy brunch food, a bead blessing, some very sweet gifts (some literally sweet... chocolate truffles, yes please), and just a nice day out away from my crazy toddler with Mama friends. 

The kitty above is like this kitty which was based on this kitty constructed from my own pattern and variations and is a birthday gift for one of Oona's good toddler friends. I still have one more set of these to make for Oona that is in progress that she will get as a big sister gift when the baby arrives. I had orignally intended to give her friend these matryoshka dolls, but we missed the party because we were sick, and Oona got so attached to them in the mean time, that I couldn't take them away from such an appreciative owner. 


Jenna said…
oh I love it! that is really beyond cute.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
one more to make for Oona

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