Pregnancy and Mama's Milk Tea

 With a busy weekend ahead, I thought I'd share something relaxing! I recently hit up our local Co-op for some herbs to make my own pregnancy tea. I made up a recipe from a mix of recipes I found online for both pregnancy and mama's milk teas. I put a star next to some of the more important ingredients! Here it is!
Pregnancy Tea and Mama's Milk Tea Recipe:

Equal Parts:
*-Red Raspberry Leaf
*-Nettle Leaf
*-Alfalfa Leaf
-Lemon Balm
- Orange Peel

1/4 Part:
-Milk Thistle

 (The ginger and Chamomile give it a lot of it's flavor.)

Here's some more things you could add that I opted out of or they didn't have at my Co-op:
-red clover tops
-rose hips
-dandelion root
-spearmint or peppermint
-milky oats
-blessed thistle (good for milk production)
-marsh mallow

You really don't need all these things... you could try four or five and mixing them together. It's also great just to drink raspberry leaf tea on it's own. Enjoy!


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