Hello folks! I decided to participate in "Kids Clothes Week" again this Spring, even though I have a crazy amount of stuff to do before the baby comes, am fighting off the tail end of the flu, and am extremely exhausted in the final weeks of this pregnancy.  For those who haven't done it before, it's an hour of making/ sewing kids clothes each day, for seven days, starting today.

In honor of Earth Day (happy Earth day!) my first project used upycled t-shirts. The shirts were both a bit wonky... too short, for one thing, and with strange cuts. I picked them up at the thrifts store for cheap, knowing they would make good cutters.

I used this gown pattern again from "Growing up Sew Liberated", but used the existing neck and bodice with buttons so I wouldn't have to add binding (plus, I think it makes for a nice variation).

 For the knotted baby cap, I made my own pattern, measuring the circumference of an existing baby cap. I have a little bit more of the cut up t-shirts that I think will be made into matching sister leg warmers or perhaps another baby cap.

I probably won't be posting everyday, but I'm going to try to get some cute things done for Miss Oona and the baby this week.



Jenna said…
adorable! the prints go well together. I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling sick.
Anonymous said…
I love it! Baba~mom

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