Rainbow Necklace

Somehow when there's lots to do, my mind tends to focus on the things that least need to get done... or maybe I'm just honing in to thing that I most want to do. It's hard to say. I'm preparing for a busy weekend ahead with lots of preparation for a celebration, and somehow I found myself finishing up this crochet bead necklace... a little gift to myself. Here's the instructions I used, which I found off of "Ravelry" for any crocheters out there! They are simple to make, but because they are small and require a small crochet hook and thin yarn, they really put a strain on the wrist! I've made one or a two a night here and there, and it's finally finished. Doing anymore than one or two was just painful for me. I used stiff hemp yarn too, so that might have also been contributing to the wrist stress. Anyways, much to do... busy bee, busy kitty... meow, meow, meow!



Jenna said…
love the necklace!

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