Sunny Weather List: Puppets and Pumpkins

Tissue paper and wood shadow puppet at "The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry"

We took a rode trip to see family earlier in the week only to return to fog and rain and some nasty stomach bugs. I've definitely been less than joyous about it all. My babies been clingy, the laundry is piled high as the sky, the house is a wild beast, the kids are wild beasts (sounds like a familiar story?), but really, there is some light in most days... I think, perhaps.

Sunny Weather List (a bit of sunny weather no matter the weather):
- getting to see family in CT
- pumpkin muffins this morning
- carving a pumpkin with the kiddos
- working on Halloween costumes
- coffee with cinnamon
- taking the kids to play group
- last weeks visit with friends
- a small dose of cartoons on this overcast day
- easy dinners
- going to the garden to get carrots with Oona
- visiting the puppet museum at Uconn (well, the lobby, anyway... it was closed while they installed a new exhibit)

And so your day is a bit sunnier, too, some pictures of the puppets from our visit to the puppet museum lobby:

A pair of Polish puppets... say that five times fast!

"The Queen of the Night" from "The Magic Flute"

Eggplant Ogre


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