Bees and Woolly Bears

 We had some nice outdoor weather yesterday afternoon, the kind of weather that says, "stay here in the warm sun and don't worry about a thing". It' been such a mild Fall that flowers and veggies are still going strong, despite the chilly nights and mornings. I am debating whether to let my carrots grow through the winter. We feasted on a few... a couple very chunky orange ones, and Oona claimed the pretty purple one... it is the jewel of all carrots, I do believe.

But despite a nice day, I'm still starting to hatch plans for the holiday season ahead... Halloween, the Solstice, Christmas, and a certain little ones' birthday party have already made an impossible list of crafting possibilities in my head. "Keep it simple" a wise woman whispers in my ear. "What's that? I couldn't  quite hear you with all these sugar plums dancing around..."

Oh, but what was I saying about the outdoors? I have no idea. But I'm so amazed, by all the color that's still outside, and not just on the trees! The nasturtiums and kale, my bumper crops, I suppose, haha, have finally grown into each others patch. It's been a great year for picking flowers.

And what do you make of this woolly bear lounging on the picnic blanket? Is he wearing a long stripe this year? Perhaps a mild winter? Thanks for sharing this bit of folklore with me, Megan... I had no idea that caterpillars were fortune tellers.

A crown of morning glories in our magic teepee inspires me everyday... each day stretching their limbs higher towards the sun. Soon all will be grey for a spell, but I'm so happy for these bits of delight still lingering in the outdoor world.

Now on to some serious cleaning (that Fall cleaning never seems to end), packages to be packed, little ones to be picked up and food to be made. Hope this Fall weekend offers you similar bits of lovely!


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