On the Eve of All Hallow's Eve

This giant Jack was grown and carved by my friend Megan... large enough to fit a small toddler, but it was too wet out to give it a try!
The sewing machine has been working overtime this month to sew up three costumes that are very near completion... just a few tiny details will make them just as envisioned. I hope my little ones will actually wear them... Elsa doesn't like putting anything on these days, and she's pretty good at wrangling out of clothes too. I'm sure I'm in the minority with making our own costumes, but really, it doesn't even occur to me anymore to pick something off the racks... It may save countless untold hours, but I won't let the stores take away my fun, no, no! Hopefully, I will have some pictures soon, and also some pictures of our own finished pumpkins... I'll just say that we went a little wild with paint this afternoon.


Are you dressing up? Is your costume ready? Can you tell what we're going to be?


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