Another Late Night


 My baby's having trouble sleeping yet again... probably pesky teeth coming in, and sometimes it makes it seem like a day can last for eternity. I just want to put my head on a pillow, but instead I'm rocking her to sleep in my arms as I type.

I've been trying to pop in here all week, but either there's just not been enough time or my moods been off or there's some little person being particularly distracting, etc. Yes, there's a billion reasons Not to blog! I'm not sure if it's the push and pull of summer and Fall fighting each other tooth and nail for dominance or what, but I feel a bit dark and broody these days. The kids have been restless and angsty. I day dream about getting rid of all their toys and filling a room entirely with pillows or maybe getting rid of everything and living in a teepee next Spring. When we went camping, I felt so much more at peace without all the stuff to clean and mend and mail and watch. Simplicity makes sense, but it always feels so hard to obtain in this modern world. And truth be told, I'd have a hard time letting go of my craft supplies or art supplies or books. Most everything else, I could do quite minimally. What could you easily do without and what would be hard to let go?

The crafting list is very long these days, but inch by inch little projects take form. This felt crochet hook holder was made for a friend. The little nesting doll is a secret pocket for scissors and a needle. Next on the chopping block... finishing up some mermaid fins...

Now my Elsa's asleep on me so maybe I'll just drag off here...  Night Night.


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