The Little Doll Maker

So, my funny little lady started preschool on Wednesday, and I did indeed feel terribly weepy and nervous with thoughts like... "how could I ever let my little girl go off into this big strange world on her own?" But she did okay, and she wasn't alone... lots of lovely kids and a teacher and aids that seem very nice, and also a new imaginary friend. "Ella Korea" is her name. She lives in the white house next door and also somehow at my parents house and she is their daughter. She has pink hair and two braids and a very long pink flower petal skirt, and she is a Native American, and also somehow Oona's big sister... and Ella can do anything Oona can't do and fix anything Oona can't fix. An amazing friend and big sister to have... if only she was real!

There were a few rough spots the first day and so we celebrated with homemade orange ice cream and made a corn husk fairy. Oona has been asking to make dolls a lot lately, so with some help, we used are own tiny corn husks to make this girl. The corn husks were small because I keep having to pick the corn early as some little critter has been helping itself to it. Anyways, we dried the husks hoping to make a family, but only had enough for this one girl. Oona did the painting with watercolors, and Mama not so skillfully put it together.

This doll making fascination came about one day in the garden. She said she was going to work in Daddy's workshop, and so I asked if she was going to repair instruments (that's what Daddy does), and she said "no, I'm going to make dollies... glass dollies." As glass dollies were a bit beyond our skill level, we compromised on clothes pin and corn husk dollies. I  have no idea what's next for our little doll maker... perhaps paper dolls?


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