33/52 First Camping Trip

Elsa: enjoying the view from the tent
Oona and Dadda: making some top notch s'mores to get us through
Elsa and Mama: dining in the great outdoors
Oona: my gypsy girl ready for the next adventure

Last week we had our first camping trip as a family... well, actually, our first camping trip together for me and Jake, too, as we've been without a tent all these years. it was mostly a success, even though it started pouring as we drove into the campground. I think it warranted a few extra photos this weekend.

A Few Camping Tips for Camping with Small Children:

- bring lots of snacks as they will eat half of them on the drive to the camp ground
- leave most the toys at home... they will be too busy jumping on air mattresses that took forever to blow up, trying to knock down the tent and playing with the flash lights
- if you have young kids, pick a spot near the bathrooms (ok, actually, this was mostly beneficial for me who has to pee a lot... Oona just peed in the woods and Elsa in her diapers)
 -not really kid related, but if you're bringing an air mattress, invest in an electronic pump... it will save you a work out and about an hour of your precious time!
- do not try to fit two adults and two children on a queen size air mattress... one or more people will end up sleeping in really weird positions or on the ground and your air mattress will be mostly deflated by morning... instead, just except that Daddy needs to bring a sleeping bag
- plan for rain even if the weather forecast is suppose to be perfect, and don't listen to your husband when he says we don't need the raincoats... that's a sure sign it's going to rain... and do check the weather the day of your trip, and not the day before, as these things can change



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