Sunny Weather List: Moose and Mushrooms

Sunny Weather List: (a little bit of sunshine no matter the weather)
- seeing a cheeky moose while driving who gave us the raspberries
- nature walks with the girls
- collecting food for Oona's imaginary deer friend
- giving Elsa her first haircut
- making homemade veggie burgers today (recipe to come!)
- grand plans for making corn husk dolls with Oona
- harvesting the first potatoes and corn
- crocheting mermaid tails for dollies
- coffee with foamed milk
- hearty breakfast of omelets and home fries (yes, potatoes and many veggies were from the garden)
- homemade almond ice cream
- visiting friends in Montpelier
 - sewing a little something for Oona's first day of school
- baby sleeping in my arms


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