Change in the Air

All summer  long I've been telling Oona that she'll be starting school in the Fall. Of course that is technically a lie, but school as a child is often symbolically linked with the start of Autumn. Unfortunately, Fall started very early for us this year with all the rain, so it's felt like Fall since the beginning of August. I hope she's not too confused by all this. Those big gorgeous sunflowers outside our door are saying, "Welcome Autumn! Come anytime you like!"

 Anyhow, back to school clothes around here are mostly going to be of the handmade variety, I suspect. The first request was for a good twirly skirt. Yes, it must have a good twirl or it's simply useless! Thankfully, skirts are quick to whip up. I'm going to make a matching blue blouse to go with it, and then she'll have a very Wildwood first day of school outfit.

Weather permitting, we're going to have one last summer hurrah before our big girl is off to school. My, these early years pass so quickly!


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