Every Last Ounce of Summer

These days, whenever the rain isn't pouring down as it is today, we are running to the hills and forests and swimming holes every chance we get. Summer is certainly not over yet, but we know these days in the sun go fast! I love how everything becomes simpler the second we step out the door. Jake and I dream out loud together and take little mental notes of all that is possible when the sun is shining bright.

And there are so many beautiful gifts for us... free to all and you don't even need to take them home.

 But a few of natures treats to press between the lips sure make for some cute smiles!

 This red apple reminds me that the oranges and yellows and fire of summer will soon give way to the fires of autumn.

 But we will certainly soak up all the sun and frolicking we can when the weather's right.

 And lots of walks in the wild woods, please.

 And a run through the field.

 More muffins and jam to eat and divine berries to sweeten the day.

Before the cold winds drive us back into our hobbit holes. Lots to do and not do these days!


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