Magic Wands and Pom-poms

 As promised, I wanted to share with you a few of the crafts I made for my sister's wedding. From the moment she told me she was getting married (less than a month ago!) I set right to work on a few little things to add to the magic of the the day. And nothing says magic like magic wands, right? Ok, I admit, a little goofy, but they were a big hit with the kids and their soft crochet star tops made them perfect for bopping each other on the head.  I used this star crochet pattern if you're wondering. The rest of it I just winged.

I did try hard to suppress my inner crafter so as not to step on my sister's decorating toes... but it is hard to resist! She said she wanted a fabric garland, and I offered to make a garland of scrap fabric (all the rage on Pinterest) and you know... as simple as it is... it takes forever to cut all the strips and tie them to string. I mixed bits of lace and ribbon in with the fabric for a fun effect. It was a bit meditative, once I got in the rhythm. While I was busy stringing scraps of fabric, my sister was busy making white tissue paper flower pom-poms, only about two thousand of them, to decorate the house! They looked beautiful! We hung the flowers and fabric garland above the fireplace when it seemed like it was going to rain and the ceremony would have to be inside. Turned out it was nice out, but it still looked lovely.

Another little project was a bow tie for master of ceremonies... urrr, ring bearer... urrr...berry bearer... my sweet little nephew. And why not throw in a felt boutonniere for good measure and a second bow tie option. I had put snap buttons on the back to hold them on, but baby button holes are too small for such things, so I ended up sewing them in place. He was quite dashing as you can see in my previous post.

I also wanted to share with you the dresses and aprons I made for the girls, but I didn't get a chance to photograph them today, so that will have to be for yet another day.

My sister had also made a cool photo board and spread candles in baby food jars through out the house. Unfortunately, I somehow bumped the ISO setting on my camera without realizing it, and so many of the indoor photos were ruined. Luckily we had two cameras with us, so not all was lost.  Jars of coffee with chalkboard labels were given as favors, which you can see in the corner of the above photo.

It's a strange crafting feeling when a holiday or big event has ended... where to go from here? Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of things on the to-do list... it's just finding the focus that you have with a deadline and an event that really puts the fire under your feet.


Anonymous said…
Love the wands!!!!!! The wedding looked so pretty...great decorations! Megan

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