Easter Sneak Peek

Hello! I'm sorry I've been missing in action this past week. Things started out downhill with a painful infection in my tooth that led to the tooth getting pulled on Monday. Luckily it was a wisdom tooth so I was happy to let that pesky tooth go. My gums are still healing from that, but the infection is gone. As if that wasn't enough, by Wednesday the whole family had come down with terrible colds again... sore throat... sneezing, and for the little one, a runny nose that is driving her nuts. So, there has been a lot of crankiness around here and not much getting done. But somewhere in all of this, I did manage to make Oona's Easter outfit... a pink bunny tunic and scalloped skirt with matching bunny ears. There's something very Polish feeling about this outfit.

I let Oona try it on after I made it to make sure it fit, and she wouldn't take it off. She looked like an old world mama. Of course she kept trying to wipe her runny little nose on the sleeve and so now I'll have to wash it before Easter. At least she's excited about it. The bunny ears will be a surprise for her.

I still have to get the new stuff up in the shop... soon, soon.... still need to get my head clearer before I attempt such things. This has been the winter of colds... so sick of being sick!


Jenna said…
This outfit is so sweet. I can't wait to see her in it!

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