Easter Bread

 I tested out a recipe for some lovely braided bread this morning from the "King Arthur Flour" cookbook. I modified the recipe a bit... it was suppose to be a 5 grain cereal bread, but I just used oats and flax seed in place of the cereal because I didn't have any on hand. I think it was a success, and there will be another loaf for Easter. The braiding process was the most fun part, I must say. And the recipe was pretty simple. Perhaps it will have to become the Wildwood traditional Easter bread.

 It's definitely been a day spent in the kitchen. I needed orange juice for the bread, so I also squeezed a bunch of old oranges for drinking. And then, as if there was some guilt for wasting any little bit of these delicious things, I dried the peels in the oven with the heat left over from baking the bread. I figured I could use them in a tea blend or string them up as a pretty garland or both!

Jake said he felt like he was staying at a five star hotel today... I made the bread first thing, and then made a glorious omelet with home fries, fresh orange juice, tea and we shared the last homemade bagel that I had made earlier in the week. For lunch, we had the bread, and then we had an early Sunday dinner of my Indian spiced lentil soup.

I think this is all my crazy nesting instincts in full swing. I feel worried if I stop doing things... gotta keep going, there's no telling when this little baby is going to show up. I've been cleaning every little thing I can, trying to get the house to feel just right. Or maybe it's just the coming of Spring has me wanting to make things a bit more presentable around here.

I did finish up one sewing project today too. This matryoshka doll is for one of Oona's good toddler friends who just turned two. There is a pocket, as with the mama cat doll, for two more little dollies that I have yet to make. They will be a bit simpler than the mama dolly so I should be able to finish them up by tomorrow.

Ok, maybe it's time to relax a little bit with the family. I hope the weekend has offered you some good food and treats too!


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